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equipment installed starting march. this is a multi phase and the first is where the dbi will have the data migrated which is going to be complete by the end of may and that is the goal and this space is going to be available at our 1616 location for the human service and planning to move in. so that is the critical project. which is infrastructure and that is going to help the two departments at one time. >> okay. that will work. >> yes. >> it has been two years. so at this time and we will prepare and again, it is the city wide consolidation that was searching for this. >> okay. >> so the next, technology improvement is the cashiering. the primary department that is working on the implementation for the department and we have been working with them
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alongside starting before this development and contract. we have actually right now, the interface and as soon as the testing is complete. it has been set up for training on the cashiers as soon as it is complete we will do the training and improve the position. for now, the tentative days is the middle of february for the tax collect and her we are planing to go right after within a couple of weeks after the tax collecters. the next project was the refresh fof the computers for the staff. swre been having a three year replacement cycle, where we have deployed computers, every year, we have got about 50 to 100 computers that we deploy. so it is the oldest computer
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that will would be like four years at the most. so to have been up to date we have purchased the latest of 50 commuters over the counter staff on the fifth floor and they will be getting the new pcs this month and we have plans ongoing every year. we have about 100 in the budget to plan. >> commissioner walker? >> are we testing hand held devices at this point? >> that is the next... >> we did... we started this a year ago and we did purchase a few hand held devices upon the recommendations from our ininstruction staff as well as our emergency management staff. we do want to use those for the ininstruction as well as in an emergency if we need to. we purchased a few and deployed them and we got the feedback. and they were motion sealed. >> and they were model devices
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that were used including the field inspections resulting. and the feedback that we got was the device itself was not favored because of its weight and it was not easier friendly in terms of hand held purpose and so when we talked to the inspection staff their recommendation was to provide a smart phone that can do some of the inspections resulting and the technology on the software side has improved quite a bit in the last few years and so pretty much any software is combatable. and so we have been checking the new tracting system that it is it is compatible. that the majority of devices, that we have proposed that we would recommend and go and purchase the hand held smart
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phones and actually the in-house has also developed an inspection resulting enter face and some of the inspectors are actually doing that today and using their devices. >> so, with the new permit tracking system, are we looking at a mobile application that may just be simplify the process rather than having to go to www? >> as part of the product we have purchased the software for the device and just go on-line and have to log in with the user name and password with a result or create new inspections. >> okay. >> great. >> i remember when they were up here they were going through the same kind of growing pains and a bigger territory to cover. but the feedback that will allow the inspectors and they are not necessarily people who have been around computers all of their life and they got a few, and they had brought up
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the iphone and that was kind of work itself and going through the same thing that we were going through and okay. i wanted to point out one of the issues that we are running into is not just what mobile device would work, it is also what kind of service we can get. and what kind of deal that we can get in terms of the large number of people that would be on the service. so we are doing some exploration about the various providers, sprint, verizon we wanted to get it because we are happy about their coverage. but the city only gets deals in certain times of mobiles. so, we want to make sure that we are not because we are going to be having an ongoing and it will have to be the operating budget who pays for the ongoing service and we want to make sure that we are not you know, doubling up to something because we can't get the deals.
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>> we are wondering what kind of support we get from the over all it and structure. it seems like all of this stuff is research, and it is procurement and it is doing all of the stuff that pretty much, i mean, our needs are unique but a lot of other departments are also dealing with issues of you know, stuff out in the field and being able to interface with the fields and so that the folks do not hack with this. >> and we will both answer this question. the procurement information and that sort of thing, like getting service or service or procuring phones that is the department's responsibility. however, service, in terms of
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if we have a problem with our phones, land lines, we go through dt because they are the ones that help us and they help us get the actual vendor. so they give us kind of instructions and they give us kind of a framework. but all of the, most of the work is done in terms of procurement by departments. right. >> so unless that has always been the problem. >> i guess that my question is, i realize whose responsibility is what. but the idea of having a centralized place with the it is that there was going to be more than just an outline that there was going to be actual help. given to the department and i am wondering if that is happening. and i am wondering if we are getting sort of assistance of the infrastructure. and more than just telling you what your responsibility is. >> the majorities for the
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department because it is relatively compared to other departments in the city. >> we manage most of the it functions within the department, but as far as the network is concerned, outside of our department, that is managed by dt and they have helped us in those and have helped us in securing the textbook security. >> on the infrastructure side, we are self-contained, as we speak today. but if in need in the future if we have issues they have been helping us out. but any technology that we have implemented infrastructure wise has to be compatible with the city standards, we do get approvals there, we have to get the approval to know that it is compatible and they can support us. >> okay. is there further comment? >> i see none. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment
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on item 8 athrough d of the director's report? >> seeing none, item number 9, commissioner's questions and matters, 9 a inquiries to staff. at this time the commissioners may make the inquiries to staff, regarding documents, policies practice and procedures which are of interest to the commission. >> commissioner walker? >> i would love to i know that this kind of verges on an agenda and a future agenda items if we could get an update on our outstanding nobs. and also, have regular presentations from our collaboratives on the priorities for out reach. >> including the issues of seniors and the new district that were being included.
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>> is there anything further? >> item 9 b, future agendas. at this time we may take the date of a special meeting and determine those items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting. and the next regularly schedule meeting is february 20th. and as we mentioned earlier a special meeting for the budget schedule of february 7th. >> and february 7th. >> and the second of february was second. >> as of the regular meeting is february 20th. the special meeting is february 7th and i believe that time is at 9:00 also. >> in this room? >> yes, in this room. >> is everybody in that february 7th n >> i will be here. >> because we need five commissioners. >> yes. >> perfect. >> okay. so, let's go.
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>> okay. >> commissioner, lee. >> and commissioner, a suggestion for a future agenda item. >> i am encouraged about the ada out reach, that we heard today and i would like to see it a follow up on that in about three to six months at the results of surveying what the percent was nit could be a joint commission with the chair's call. >> the meeting was put together very quickly she was telling me that bring us up to date. and the commission and a lot of good stuff there. so two months, will revisit us and then we can talk if you want to rejoin or if you want to just do another update presentation. >> excuse me. >> okay. >> is there if there is any further commissioner comments, is there any public comment on item 9 a, or b?
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>> item ten, review and approval of the minutes of the regular meeting october 24, 2012. >> move to approve. >> second? >> second. >> okay. >> any public comment? >> seeing none, are all in favor of approving the minutes of october 24th. >> aye. >> any opposed? >> none, then the motion carries. >> item number 1 1, review and approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of november 21st, 2012. approve? >> second. >> is there any public comment on item number 1 1? >> okay. seeing none, all commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? >> the motion carries. >> and item number 12, adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn?
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>> i so move. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> adjournment opposed? we are now adjourned, it is 11:26 a.m.. >> thank you.
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